We portal! Do you portal?

Patient Portal ScreenshotWhat is “portal” you may ask!?  It is the “patient portal!!”  Here at Digestive Health Specialists we really encourage our patients to create their own patient portal and it is very easy to do!  “When checking in for appointments their email address is verified on the Phreesia Pad,” mentioned Jessie Mabe, Patient Access Specialist. “…then with one click of my mouse an email is sent straight to the patient with a pin code and instructions on how to set up their own patient portal account!”

Why should a patient create a patient portal account?

It definitely is the fastest way to communicate with the doctors and clinical staff. Their response will be much faster through the portal verses a phone call.  Also, patients can schedule appointments through the portal without calling and waiting for a scheduler to answer the phone on high volume days.  Most radiology and lab results can be sent via the portal.  That sure beats snail mail!  Results in days verses weeks! Why not get results faster using the portal?

Wait, there is more!!  Another thing the patient portal is capable of is allowing patients to update their information, change of address, and insurance, all without picking up the phone.   Have you been convinced to “portal”?  If so, head on over to: Digestive Health Patient Portal and set up your very own portal today!  If you have any problems please call us at 336-768-6211!

Now…go get your patient portal ON!