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Request a quote for the cost of services below. Someone from our office will then contact you to review your estimate.

The costs of our services are dependent upon your specific insurance plan, and your coverage benefits as well as the specific type of service provided. If you have a high deductible plan you may experience the maximum out-of-pocket cost. Many patients out of pocket costs are much less as a result of specific coverage, co-pays, and deductible amounts. Listed below are typical maximum and average out-of-pocket costs that our patients have incurred.

  • 45378 Colonoscopy — Maximum out of pocket — $1300.00
  • 43235 Endoscopy — Maximum out of pocket — $1100.00
  • 99244 New Consultation Visit — Maximum out of pocket — $300.00
  • 99214 Established Patient Visit — Maximum out of pocket — $150.00
  • 45378 Colonoscopy — Average out of pocket cost — $125.00
  • 43235 Endoscopy — Average out of pocket — $100.00
  • 99244 New Consultation Visit — Average out of pocket — $40.00
  • 99214 Established patient visit — Average out of pocket — $30.00

We would be happy to provide you with a specific cost estimate based on your insurance plan coverage and deductible amounts. Please complete the information below. We will send an electronic request for coverage information to your insurance carrier and provide you with that information.

Request a Quote for Procedure