“My insurance won’t pay for a colonoscopy”

Excuse #36 My insurance won't pay for a colonoscopy

Do you think you can’t afford a colonoscopy?  You aren’t sure how much your insurance would cover or even if they would cover at all?  Or maybe you don’t even have insurance?! We understand.  For some the thought of having another bill or more debt hanging over their head is the last thing they want.  But, what if we told you that your insurance may cover it?! And, what if we told the ones that are self-pay that we can set you up on a monthly payment plan that fits your budget?  Well, we can!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 51,783 people in the United States died from colorectal cancer in 2011 and 135,260 people were diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Those are bigger numbers than any number on a billing statement.  Ultimately without a preventive screening you could be one of the “51,783.”  Don’t let the unknown cost to make you avoid a colonoscopy.

“Most insurance companies pay for screening colonoscopies.  We provide all patients with an estimate ahead of time.  If it isn’t covered at 100% we can work out a payment plan to help with the cost.”

Michelle L. Forss
Billing & Information Systems Manager
Digestive Health Specialists, PA

Do we have your curiosity up?  Are you wondering what your insurance would cover?  Call 336-768-6211 and ask for our billing office.  You can give us your insurance information right over the phone.  Most of the time we can give you an estimate in minutes.  Don’t let the unknown cost keep you away from one simple procedure that could possibly save your life.