Procedure Preps

Prepping for a Procedure

There are several different prep processes and a nurse will help determine which one is best for you prior to your visit. To find out the details behind each of the prep methods, click the links below. It is important that you follow the prep instructions completely as we will not be able to complete the exam thoroughly if you are not properly prepped.

Please make sure that you are choosing the appropriate prep according to your procedure as assigned by your physician.  If you are unsure which prep to follow, please call us at 336.768.6211 and one of our triage nurses will be glad to assist you.

Colonoscopy Preps

Miralax Standard Prep


Flex Sig Prep Instructions


Preparación para su colonoscopía

Preparación estándar usando Miralax (Spanish)

Preparación usando Suprep (Spanish)


Endoscopy Preps

Endoscopy Prep Instructions

Endoscopy Prep Instructions (Spanish)

Other Preps

Pillcam Small Bowel Endoscopy Instructions