COVID-19 Update 3/23/2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 in North Carolina

The COVID-19 pandemic is truly without comparison. Digestive Health Specialists remains committed to caring for the patients that have placed their trust in us. To keep everyone as safe as possible, we have developed three care path options:

  • In-person
  • Video Visit
  • Telephone care

Doctors will review their schedules with a critical eye for the safest and most essential path, choosing one of these three options. Anticipate a call from our office instructing you with what we think is the safest visit type at that time.

If you call with questions or problems it is our continued promise to care for you. The conversation will be different than in the past because we will be determining the safest way to address your issue and learning what your computer or phone capabilities are.

If a Video Visit is determined to be the safest way to care for you, it would be best if you have a personal Novant MyChart account set-up. Although we are an independent medical practice and not affiliated with Novant, we have partnered with them in utilizing their platform for patient communication. If you already have a MyChart account you all set. If not please go to

Once there simply follow the prompts and questions.

If you don’t have this capability, we will explore other ways to care for you.

If the patient needs to come to the doctor’s office, we will provide instructions on how to make this as safe as possible. These instructions will include:

  1. Gathering and verifying as much registration information as possible as the initial step
  2. Staying in their car and calling us upon arrival
  3. Being brought to the exam room and bypassing registration
  4. Telephone follow-up for the check-out process.

It may appear clunky, but it’s for the patient’s ultimate safety. The goal is to have no one in the waiting room and keep safe distancing.

Digestive Health Specialists also remains committed to the communities surrounding Winston-Salem. In these unprecedented times, the community commitment made many years ago turns out to be the safest by providing care “close to home.” These communities have learned to count on us and we keep that trust in our hearts and our plans.

During this time if a Colonoscopy or EGD is medically essential to the patient’s care, the patient will be asked to visit our Winston–Salem ASC. This allows for the overall safest setting because it most efficiently uses supplies, a focus of every medical care provider at this crucial time. Non-essential or not time-critical procedures will be moved to a later date when things calm down.

Please stay safe and we look forward to continuing to care for you.

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