Colon Cancer Awareness 2020

There are worse things than a colonoscopy colon cancer campaign 2020

Colonoscopies are the GOLD STANDARD in screening for colon cancer. Why?

  1. It gives the doctor the ability to view the entire colon
  2. the doctor can both detect and remove polyps during the same procedure
  3. It is the only test suitable for individuals who have risk factors, such as a family history of colon cancer

But they get a bad reputation. It can be because of the preparation needed before the procedure, the sensitive nature of the procedure, or the fact that they have to put you to sleep.

But many people who have gone through with their colonoscopy say it is not that bad. That there are a lot of things worse than a colonoscopy.

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So, we want to know!
What do you think is worse than a colonoscopy?

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Below are videos and comments submitted by staff, patients, and fans giving their perspective on what is worse than a colonoscopy.

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So, are there worse things than a colonoscopy? YES! Yes, there are.