Billing questions about your anesthesia

Digestive Health Specialists, P.A. uses Triad Sedation Associates, LLC for all our anesthesia needs. Below are a few billing questions that we believe are important for our patients to have answered. This information is directly from Triad Sedation Associates, LLC.

Who is CRH Anesthesia?

CRH Anesthesia is a leading provider of anesthesia services that works collaboratively with endoscopy centers nationwide. Triad Sedation Associates, LLC is a subsidiary of CRH Anesthesia.

With a passion for and expertise in delivering the highest quality of care, CRH Anesthesia brings an unparalleled combination of innovation, patient safety, and quality practices to better support the patients, facilities, and communities we serve. We thank you for entrusting our dedicated anesthesia providers and are proud to share with you our commitment to ensuring a safe, compassionate, and comfortable experience.

How much will anesthesia services cost for my procedure?

Providing an estimate for anesthesia is difficult because processing is based on time or charged amount and is plan specific. If your service is a screening procedure, most plans will cover this at 100% of their allowed amount. Exceptions include some BCBS plans and grandfathered commercial plans. We are happy to assist when possible; however, due to the number of insurance plans, we suggest you contact your insurance company if you have a specific question.

Does Triad Sedation Associates, LLC accept my insurance?

We accept any insurance that the Endoscopy Center where you have the procedure accepts. Because we are an ancillary provider, we typically do not need to contract separately with your insurance company to be processed in-network (several BCBS plans are the exception). We contract with all federal (Medicare, Tricare) and state plans (Medicaid).

If we are not a participating anesthesia provider within your insurance plan we will work with your insurance company, once you have completed the Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form, to ensure that you are not penalized for our non-participating (out-of-network) status. The maximum amount you will owe will be your participating (in-network) benefit rates. Please contact us if you have ANY concerns.

Do I need to file anything with my insurance provider?

As a courtesy to you, the bills for your anesthesia services will be submitted to your insurance company once you have signed the AOB form and your insurance company should send the payment directly to our billing office. If we have secondary insurance on file for you, we will file a claim for the amount not paid by your primary insurance. If there is no secondary insurance on file, we will send you a bill for the co-payment due as determined by your insurance company.

How to read your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Your EOB is plan-specific, so please contact us directly so that we can address your questions over the phone. If your procedure was prior to November 1st, 2021 please call 336-666-5602. If your procedure was on or after November 1st, 2021 please call 336-593-7863. If we are notified of a denial, we will send you notices explaining your benefits and appeal rights. These letters are insurance specific and typically explain what needs to be done to have the balance reduced or eliminated.

Your EOB may identify:

  • The patient and the service provided
  • The amount charged by the provider
  • The amount of the charges that are covered and not covered by your plan
  • The amount paid to your provider
  • The amount you are responsible for

Remember: Your EOB is Not a Bill
It simply explains what is covered by your insurance plan. It is likely that you will see additional EOBs and notices from your insurance company as your claim progresses.

My insurance sent me a check – what should I do?

If your insurance company sends payment directly to you, you may either endorse the check OR write a personal check for the amount received and send it to the address listed below. 

We want to provide you choices to pay for your bill:

  • We accept debit cards and all major credit cards
  • If your procedure was prior to November 1st, 2021 you may pay by phone calling: 336-666-5602 or 1-888-337-3509.
  • If your procedure was on or after November 1st, 2021 you may pay by calling: 336-593-7863 or 800.242.5080.
  • Pay online using our payment portal by visiting
  • If your procedure was prior to November 1, 2021 send a personal check by mail to the address below. Please make check out to Triad Sedation Associates, LLC and mail to:
  • Triad Sedation Associates, LLC
    P.O. Box 865579
    Orlando, FL 32886-5579
  • If your procedure was on or after November 1,2021 send a personal check by mail to the address below. Please make checks out to Triad Sedation Associates, LLC and mail to:
    Triad Sedation Associates
    P.O. Box 947579
    Atlanta, GA 30394-7579