We Answer Your Colon Cancer Questions in 2021

Ask the experts about colon cancer

Colon Cancer Awareness Month for 2021 is here and so are the answers to the questions you submitted during February. We hope these answers provide some light to your next steps and offer pertinent practical information.

What are the warning signs of colon cancer?

What are diet recommendations to prevent colon cancer?

Is there a family strain of colon cancer?

What is the complete list of things that a patient can do to prevent or reduce the chances of colon cancer?

My husband had colon cancer 16 years ago and only had surgery. No chemo or radiation. What are the chances of this showing up somewhere else and what part of the body would this be?

At what age should colon cancer screening now begin since early-onset colon cancer is on the rise?

How often should people be screened for colon cancer?

We have a number of cousins who have similar cancers (colon, bladder, etc.) prompting suspicion of Lynch Syndrome, but both my sister and I tested negative for Lynch. Are there other genetic factors to explore?

I got breast cancer at 35, and last year 2020 a colon polyp was found. Am I at an increased risk of getting colon cancer young as well?

My daughter throws up almost every day. She is also going to the bathroom to poop a lot. She can’t eat dairy or she gets sick. What causes this in a 22-year-old?


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