Resolutions for Your Digestive Health

New Year's Resolutions for 2020 and your digestive health

As you make your 2020 resolutions, you may be thinking about better managing your finances, exercising more or losing weight. Many even look at ways to reduce stress and be more present in the moment. What you may not think of is bacteria and how it can positively affect your health. Whatever goals you are setting for yourself this year, consider these tips to help you live your best life and improve your overall wellbeing and GI health.

Increase Your Activity
Stay active for your digestive health

We all know that exercise is good for us. What you may not know is how it can improve your digestive health. Even a small level of exercise can have a huge effect on your digestive health, including balancing the good bacteria in your gut. Routine exercise and generally moving more can help keep your gut in ship shape, in more ways than one.

Eat More Foods
Eat variety of food for your digestive health

Eat more foods, not more food. Eating many different types of nutritious food is the best choice you can make for your diet. Sticking to a menu of minimal fat and sugar, but high in fiber and protein means having a well-balanced diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a good choice, with grains and beans having favorable attributes for your body as well. This includes removing artificial sweeteners from your diet. These sweeteners can reduce the good bacteria in your gut, which could actually increase your blood sugar levels.

Get Plenty of Sleep
Sleep for your digestive health

Like your mind, sleep affects every part of your body and is critical to overall wellbeing. Here again, digestive health depends on sleep to maintain a balance of bacteria in your gut. When regularly getting 8 hours of sleep per night, you not only maintain your digestive health, but you may also experience a boost in your metabolism.

Maintain a Healthy Mental State
Maintain healthy mental state for your digestive health

Our minds are powerful and can drastically affect your health. Studies show that stress and anxiety can disrupt the balance of bacteria in your gut. On the same note, having a positive outlook, being happy and reducing stress can help you keep a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut, something that may help you achieve two or more of your 2020 goals.

Consider a Probiotic Supplement
Eat probiotic rich foods and beverages for your digestive health

Taking a daily probiotic has many health benefits, including balancing your gut bacteria and reducing inflammation. This can be especially important for people who have high stress, a poor diet and/or must take antibiotics for an illness. However, making this a permanent addition to your daily routine could provide beneficial results for your overall health.


Many of the choices we make every day are tied directly to our digestive health. Taking care of yourself means maintaining your gut health and maintaining your gut health means you are taking care of yourself. Only then can you actively ensure your highest levels of physical wellbeing.

We will follow up with all of you in the future to see your successes and struggles in the path to a healthier life.

To learn more about resolutions, read the blog titled, New Year’s Resolutions.


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Anthony Pleasant is a physician assistant at Digestive Health specialists in Winston Salem and kernersville, nc.
By: Anthony Pleasant, PA-C
Physician Assistant at Digestive Health Specialists.He works at our Kernersville and Winston-Salem locations.
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