Practice Satisfaction

At Digestive Health Specialists, PA, we value our relationship with the practices that refer patients to us. To strengthen this relationship, we provide a monthly newsletter, we schedule in-person visits a couple of times a year, and we have a Practice Satisfaction Survey. This helps us improve our methods.

Below you will find what several of the referring practices have to say about working with us.

Everyone I speak with is so friendly and is ready to help with scheduling the patient in a timely manner.

NH Mountainview Medical

We send them patients pretty often. We appreciate that it is easy to get an appointment. I know that if we do not receive the medical records, it means the patient rescheduled or canceled their appointment. Records usually arrive before patients have even left the clinic.

I think they are great! No issues, especially since they have been on EPIC. We can go in and see the notes.

Everything has a quick, quick turnaround time!

I love that I receive everything back pretty quickly, usually the same day as the appointment. You are always efficient with the referrals I send and with questions I have. 

Ardmore Family Practice

Digestive Health Specialists is fabulous! I can call in for referrals.

I work a lot with Digestive Health Specialists. We send them about 8-9 patients daily. LOVE that they are on EPIC!

We pretty much send everyone their way. We like that they are really good at sending back reports.