New Treatments for Hepatitis C

New Medications Shown to Cure Hepatitis C

Great news for Hepatitis C patients in 2014 as a new era has been ushered in for hepatitis C treatment. The new treatment offers the prospect of curing this viral disease that affects over 3 million Americans, accounting for more deaths than HIV, and is the leading cause for liver transplants in this country.

The new treatments are more effective (95%+), extremely well tolerated, and are of shorter duration ( 8-12 weeks) than previously available therapy. These regimens are all oral and have eliminated the need for the use of interferon injections with rare exception. By the end of this year multiple drug regimens from a number of different companies should receive FDA approval adding to the current all oral regimens approved at the end of 2013.

Digestive Health Specialists physicians feel very fortunate to have participated in the clinical trial research leading to this breakthrough in Hepatitis C treatment. Through our participation in these trials we were able to help many patients obtain early access to these new treatment options while gaining vital experience in the use of these new medications.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, let the experienced physicians of Digestive Health Specialists take care of you. Call 336-768-6211 today to schedule an appointment and begin exploring your options to a better life.

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