“But I don’t have a family history…”

History can start with you. Most people who get colorectal cancer DO NOT have a family member with the disease. In fact, 75% of people diagnosed with colon cancer have no history of it in their family.


 If you have a family history of the disease your risk is even higher. However, history or not, everyone 50 and older should get tested. Risk starts to go up around age 50 and continues to rise for the rest of your life. Those with a family history of colon cancer should discuss with their doctor about being screened prior to the age of 50. If you wait for symptoms, the cancer can be advanced and difficult to treat and it can grow like a silent invader. Finding the polyps and removing them, can stop cancer before it starts.


Consult your doctor and get tested for Colorectal cancer, it could save your life.

Don’t assume because you don’t have a family history, that it couldn’t happen to you.