Digestive Health Specialists Fights Back Against Colon Cancer!

Digestive Health Specialists is fighting back as a company against Colon Cancer!  About three years ago, DHS formed a wellness team that acts as overall motivators and cheerleaders for the company’s health and well-being.  At least 4 times a year, this team rolls out a “wellness challenge” that incorporates some part of their health that may be physical, stress management, healthy alternatives, fitness challenges, etc. This March, we decided to move beyond just personal health and roll out a challenge that incorporates the health of our entire company fighting against Colon Cancer. Below, our physician Dr. Apsara Prasad gives examples of things we can actually do to help prevent colon cancer, including:

  1. Being Physically Active
  2. Limiting our amount of red and processed meats
  3. Eating more fiber and whole grains
  4. Stop smoking
  5. Noticing if we have symptoms i.e. change in bowel habits, rectal bleeding and weight loss.


Our team took these strategies and turned them into challenges.  Check out the ways we are incorporating healthy changes in our daily lives!  The staff are currently implementing these and documenting them with pictures throughout the month of March.  Join us in the fight against Colon Cancer!


 Wellness Challenge for Blog Post